A new sports parquet near our office

Dalla Riva Sportfloors operates in the Treviso area

We have been missing in the Treviso area for a long time and this opportunity came at the beginning of this 2020 for the contentment of our technicians. After a long series of works carried out outside the province or mostly outside the region, we are protagonists in a realization a few km from our headquarters.

Mr. Dalla Riva Luigino comments: “A job perfectly done by all our staff; starting with the removal and disposal of the old (20 years of life) pvc floor up to the installation of the new Playwood S.14 sports parquet in oak for a total of 700 square meters including all accessories and tracing of the fields. The three main signs were made (5-a-side football, basketball and volleyball) plus the final skating paint specially made for roller sports.

the finished work
What the old pavement looked like

All this in full satisfaction of our internal technicians who returned to their homes at the end of the day. The entire construction was completed in just 6 days, bringing the system back to standard.

I would also add that from the first sports activities the athletes have noticed the significant difference with the previous floor and noted the great elasticity and the unquestionable shock absorption (62%) of our product. This flooring has also been highly appreciated by older people who carry out activities such as gymnastics or pilates in this facility. “

An all-round success therefore for Dalla Riva Sporfloors which adds another important element in the province of Treviso.

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