Basketball Parquet

Basketball Parquet

Our parquets for basketball courts deliver exceptional performance and quality.

Shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, springing, elevation, change of direction: on Dalla Riva Sportfloors parquet the essence of basketball develops to the highest level.

The thrusting action of the ball on the wood surface and its rapid return to the dribbler’s hands have been carefully studied by Dalla Riva’s technicians, taking into consideration the weight, size, and consistency of the ball. The results of this thorough analysis have generated basketball parquet courts able to guarantee an ideal “absorption” effect during the dribbling action with resulting homogeneity of the impact and a reduction in noise level.

Dalla Riva Sportfloors has also paid great attention to the adherence of the athletes’ shoes on the floor, so important in this sport, modulating the friction in proportion to the player’s weight.

Sports floors wood for basket dalla riva
Bologna wooden sports flooring for basketball

Among the main sports halls of Serie A Lega Basket branded by Riva Sporfloors we mention:

  • Mediolanum Forum of Assago (MI)
  • Virtus Arena Segafredo of Bologna
  • PalaLeonessa A2A of Brescia
  • Palasport Taliercio Venezia
  • PalaTrento of Trento
  • PalaCarrara of Pistoia
  • PalaCarrara of Pistoia
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