Genoa: a futuristic system

An innovative roofing membrane with removable parquet

It took a fair amount of courage to turn a futsal field into a basketball court. But due to the chronic lack of spaces in the Genoese sporting reality, Ardita Juventus, a basketball club well rooted in the neighborhood, could not continue to train every day on a field 20 km away. The decision was thus made: remove the safety nets, the doors, the synthetic turf. The field was consolidated by a concrete screed, equipped with perimeter anchors and provided with a double membrane pneumatic covering: white inside and colored outside. Between the two, an air chamber to improve insulation and avoid condensation.

Outside, those who pass through the parks of Nervi only see a series of stripes that blend in with the colors of the sky: a simple design, based on two alternating shades of gray, designed to mitigate the impact of the large volume of the roof. Inside, excellent equipment: a regulation basketball court on a fully removable paneled parquet, painted in the Ardita social colors. The play of transparencies through the roofing membranes enriches the environment during the day with the shadows of the trees projected around the walls; in the evening, with the lighting on, everything becomes white and ready for the competition.

A project entirely carried out by the CONTINUUM Architects Studio, in particular by the architects Rosadini Francesco and Turci Daniela.

Dalla Riva Sportfloors is present in this work with its removable sports parquet dedicated exclusively to basketball. 850 m2 of sports flooring installed in 4 days. Our staff of internal technicians made up of 5 people has completely renovated the Genoese sports facility. All the processes regarding the coloring were carried out on site; the two-meter boundary bands, the midfield circle and the two areas of the three seconds of violet marked, a color strongly desired by Ardita Juventus, were painted.

We mention in particular the collaboration with the company Artisport Srl, based in Revine Lago (TV), which has dealt with the creation of sports equipment in particular the basketball facility.

Huge satisfaction from Mr. Dalla Riva: “We are extremely satisfied with this realization; an innovative and revolutionary system in which we performed our part perfectly. A system where every detail can be dismantled and reassembled starting from the roofing membrane, the lights, the baskets and ending with the flooring where we are protagonists. We are proud of the result achieved; now all that remains is to start playing. “

Below a large gallery of the entire construction:

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