Here is the new removable GOLD for Varese Basketball

In just 4 hours, the face of Enerxenia Arena changed


For the umpteenth time we are confirmed as a sure point of reference for wooden sports flooring and we are the protagonists of the umpteenth reference in thickness. The historic and award-winning Varese Basketball Club has chosen our latest generation removable sports parquet after viewing it at the 2020 Italian Cup Final Eight.


Then another illustrious reference from the Serie A Basketball League is added after the numerous (11 in total) already present.

Our team of internal technicians, together with local operators, installed the new removable sports parquet at the Enerxenia Arena in Varese in just 4 hours.

The floor can be seen at first glance for the bleached areas. Initially the predominant color was green; then the team’s characteristic and historic red color was performed.

Also present on the surface under the baskets are two of our badges measuring 5 x 1.20 meters with the white writing “Dalla Riva Sportfloors” on a black background.


The satisfaction of our internal technical staff and of Mr. Dalla Riva Luigino is evident, concluding: “Varese is a historic square of Italian and European basketball and for us it is a source of pride to have created the new removable flooring” Portable GOLD . “


This first-level reference from the Serie A Basketball League is added to the new sports season after our work carried out at the Unipol Arena in Casalecchio di Reno (BO) for Fortitudo Bologna, confirming its undoubted supremacy.


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