In Emilia Romagna, an important renovation of the sports flooring



There are 600 square meters of light and bright flooring for the Baskérs Forlimpopoli.

Our company has quickly renewed the playing surface.


Particular attention on this system was made on the choice of the color of the 2 areas and center of the field, choosing the Red RAL 3028 color compared to the usual characteristic red RAL 3020


Dalla Riva Junior (Marco) says: “Indeed, this more lively and brighter red makes the whole plant more energetic and shining.”


However, our company remains very active in innovation, a driving force in the last decade for all other companies, because it has the ingenuity and courage to seek and study new technical and aesthetic solutions.

Dalla Riva has always been a point of reference in the sports parquet sector, compared to other less important companies that have instead imitated the innovations we have introduced.


Dalla Riva Senior comments: “In fact, for the game of basketball we have always had and proposed very bright and innovative colors to try to improve the aesthetics of the sports halls.”


ATTENTION: in the next articles we will publish the new flooring for futsal “50 shades of gray”.


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