In Lazio 1100 m2 with a double fir beam

The sports hall of Pontinia is completely upset

After the work carried out in the Treviso area, Dalla Riva Sportfloors is the protagonist in Lazio, precisely in the heart of the Agro Pontino in the municipality of Pontinia (LT). There are no half terms for our company: or we are within our province or outside the region hundreds of kilometers away.

The works were carried out in a workmanlike manner by the technicians and covered 1100 m2 of new high-performance wooden sports flooring. On this occasion, the Double Set 68 was installed, considered one of the major products, of a higher level and formed by a double frame in fir beams measuring a total of 68 mm.

Double Set 68

A particularly important feature is the high shock absorption of 68% which contributes to making it particularly elastic. Furthermore, we are particularly proud to have installed this type of value and prestige for the whole Pontinian Community and favorable for our company as a leading reference.

In the Pontinian multipurpose facility, the signs of three different sports were performed, such as: white basketball, blue volleyball and red 5 handball / football.

Also in Lazio our references are constantly increasing, a symptom that the wooden sports flooring by Dalla Riva Sportfloors are appreciated throughout the Peninsula.

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