In Syria with our very valuable Solid Jump System

1000 square meters of solid 22 mm hevea


For years we have been protagonists with our sports floors outside national borders and lately we are increasingly present in the Middle East. After numerous quality supplies in Turkey and Israel, in this case we are protagonists in Syria with our Solid Jump System.
Our sports floor is made up of a double framework of 12 mm thick plywood panels laid on 30 mm thick shock absorbers with shock absorption function. The actual flooring is made up of a 22 mm thick solid hevea rubber wood which makes it indestructible. Total 76mm thick for one of our largest high quality products.


More than 1000 square meters of covered area in which basketball will be practiced exclusively. The playing field was drawn in white; the two-meter boundary bands, the midfield circle and the three-second areas are also colored blue.


In addition to Turkey and Israel, our company is also present in Lebanon and Iraq, a sign that we are constantly expanding and that our sports floors are increasingly appreciated in this region.
The quality of our floors is visible in the photos; the essence is first class with homogeneous colors and without different portions of tint. We focus on the quality and durability of our innovative range trying to satisfy all the needs of our customers.


In Siria with our very valuable Solid Jump System sports floor
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