New removable parquet for futsal



To guarantee excellent results in terms of quality and reliability of our products, Dalla Riva Sportfloors personally follows the production phases step by step. In this case, after the stages of milling, tapping and insertion of the fixing, during the painting Mr. Dalla Riva has seen all the processing stages.

The result could only be excellent; the removable parquet panels have been made perfectly and with attention to every detail.


It is only thanks to the use of specific and cutting-edge products that our products are highly appreciated by administrations and sports clubs.

Below are some details of the paint used:

  • Viscosity at 25: 300-500 mPas;
  • Minimum application per coat: 5 g / m2;
  • Gloss: 15;
  • Color: slightly white;


The painting phases are carried out on automated and new generation lines and allow to obtain high quality standard finishes. All this thanks to an oven with laser beam irradiation that allows extremely resistant results to be obtained. A line dedicated exclusively to panel painting.


Following the finished result, Mr. Dalla Riva comments: “The results are achieved by improving the product every time; thanks to UV LED drying, the process becomes much faster in terms of time. In the upper and walkable part 6 coats of paint were carried out, in the lower part 3 coats. All this to ensure the stability of the panel and to prevent humidity problems. This drying operation is performed in specific plants and with professional machinery. Certainly not manually with the usual three coats of paint as if a traditional floor. What the customer expects, at a high level as in this case, is a furniture coating “.


The 1100 square meters of the new removable sports parquet will therefore be the protagonist in the top-flight futsal. Further confirmation that our products are featured in the most important sports halls in Italy.


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