New treatment at the Zinola skating rink

A maintenance performed with skating paint

After 12 years, the work was necessary to restore the paint of the sports parquet of the sports hall located near the sea in Zinola, in the municipality of Savona, according to UNI EN 13501 (reaction to fire). Specifically, a sanding with different abrasive papers was carried out, a three-layer painting of skating paint in compliance with European legislation and the tracing of the hockey signs, the skating rims, the departures of the skating race and finally also the futsal ones.


On worn and particularly deteriorated parquet our company carried out the sanding in a deep way, removing about 1 mm of surface.


At the end of the work, our technical expert in sanding comments: “The first roughing took place with 36 grit abrasive paper and we sustained a consumption of 7 pieces. We then carried out the second passage with 50 grits (5 pieces), the third passage with 80 grits (7 pieces) and the last passage with 120 grits (7 pieces).

The Savonese sports facility from the outside - street view
The Savonese sports facility from the outside - street view
The operator during sanding
The operator during sanding

The numbers were important in this process:

  • Our professional seat sander covered a total of 51 km;
  • 210 kg of powder was produced;
  • Grouting at various points made with water-based elastic resins was also necessary, for a total consumption of 22 kg;
  • The last step involved painting in three different layers (total 240 kg) with sanding with very fine abrasive paper.
    All performed in 5 working days. The result is perfect and for all to see; we have given new life to the flooring. “


We are proud to add another prestigious reference in the city of Savona which succeeds that of the gym in Via Trincee. In the homonymous province we also remember our works in the municipality of Vado Ligure and Varazze.


At the end of the work we noticed sorry faces of our internal technicians; we do not work so often in a seaside resort and with such a beautiful landscape.

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