Partnership agreement between Dalla Riva Sportfloors and Bona

“Historical courses and appeals” – Giambattista Vico, Neapolitan, Italian philosopher, set out this theory in the seventeenth century, and here we are to celebrate another anniversary of his eternal theory.

The paths of Dalla Riva and Bona converged once again to create together a solid common highway towards a bright future.

After a collaboration in 2012 and 2013, our paths were divided, but they continued to develop and evolve and brought the two companies to the current level of excellence.

From those years Dalla Riva has tripled its business turnover and has become “de facto” the first partner chosen for 12 teams out of 17 of the Italian Basketball Serie A, as for many of the best basketball teams in Europe, for the Futsal World Cup in Colombia in 2016, for the Swedish, Finnish and Moldovan national Futsal teams, and for many other leading teams and venues in different sports.

Bona in its 100 years of successful life, an anniversary celebrated worldwide only a few days ago, has continued to grow and to affirm its primacy in the treatment of wooden floors in general, and in particular on sports floors gaining the trust of best. Just to name a few, Bona is currently the paint and color manufacturer preferred by most professional basketball teams in North America and it’s the paint chosen in several basketball courts in Europe, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Pau-Orthez, Villeurbanne, Venice as well as for international events such as the Pan-American games and the Futsal World Cup.

It’s therefore with great enthusiasm that both companies have the pleasure of announcing the newly established collaboration to bring the performance level of elasticity and grip of sports parquet to a step forward.

The next Italian event, the 2019 Basketball Supercup at the PalaFlorio of Bari, will take place on our removable floor treated with Bona paint.

The owner Luigino Dalla Riva with Davide Cavalleri, Bona's sports sales manager

The owner Luigino Dalla Riva with Davide Cavalleri, Bona’s sports sales manager


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