Permanent sports floors

Dalla Riva’s permanent sports floors offer essential qualities of strength and durability as well as easy maintenance. Designed for environments where a variety of sports are played, Dalla Riva’s parquets for gyms and sports arenas are distinguished for their technical and performance qualities and guarantee maximum yield, comfort and user safety.

permanent sports floors dalla riva parquet italy
permanent sports floors italy dalla riva

The wood sports floors for school gyms are designed to absorb as much impact as possible in order to protect the safety of the users, avoid accidental slippage, and allow for the practice of even extreme sports in a safe way.

Wood is an inimitable natural material: elastic, comfortable, non-slip, and ideal for sports. For those who practice roller-skating, for example, it is fundamental to have the possibility to move on smooth, perfectly calibrated floors.

The sports floors designed for roller-skating are elasticized and made using a robust wood that may be frequently sanded.

The sports floors designed for playing basketball, volleyball, handball, and futsal are characterized by significant elasticity and an appropriate ball bounce. The substructure on which the planks rest contains and holds the impact, acting as a true shock absorber that is harmoniously structured so that all of the components are homogeneous, balanced, and absolutely uniform.

The sports parquets floors with radiant heating must never go above 26° C. The “Compact” model made by Dalla Riva Sportfloors is the most suitable system for large spaces with high ceilings, for it guarantees uniform heating with energy savings, with great thermo-acoustic benefits.

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