Playwood 4 Parquet

Playwood 4 is a sports floor specifically tested for floor heating installations; the substructure, consisting of a 10 mm elastic mat and a 9 mm multilayer dividing table, has characteristics that can maintain excellent stability without penalizing heat transmission. The actual sports flooring is formed by boards with a thickness of 14 mm, having tongue and groove joints in order to favor a perfect assembly. The 4 mm trampling layer can be made up of two types of wood: oak or beech.

The whole package is characterized by a very low thermal resistance of 0.22 m2K / W, which makes it ideal for the floor heating system.


  • F.I.B.A. 1st level
  • EN 14904 class A4 – surfaces for sports areas multi-sport surfaces for interiors
  • EN 13501 classification reaction to fire
  • Istituto Giordano value of thermal resistance
oak parquet playwood 4

Parquet with underfloor heating

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