Playwood Rubber 22 Parquet

Playwood Rubber 22 is certified EN 14041 together  with the floor coverings, which makes the structure suitable for hosting non-sporting events.

The sports floor Playwood Rubber 22, in solid wood, is of high rubber wood quality; it can be sanded frequently and is   particularly indicated for intense sports thanks to its resistance.

Rubber Wood parquet, known as “Hevea”, is one of the most environmentally friendly. The colour is clear, and the heart wood is cream-colored with darker streaks.


  • F.I.B.A. 1st level
  • EN 14904 class A4 – surfaces for sports areas multi-sport surfaces for interiors
  • EN 13501 classification reaction to fire
Playwood Rubber 22 standard choice
Playwood 22 first
paly wood 22 in section
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