Playwood S. 14 Parquet


Playwood S. 14 in oak is the ideal solution for those who want to convert a synthetic flooring (linoleum, PVC, rubber, etc.) to the parquet. This package is in fact equipped with certification EN 13501 (reaction to fire) and can be overlying on the existing syntethic pavement and avoiding complicated and costly operations of removal and disposal.

The new fund elastic has the same characteristics of a normal model Playwood and can be simply placed over the layer synthetic although the latter turns out to be severely compromised by the wear time (cuts, bulges, necklines, etc.).

Choose the best, choose Dalla Riva Sportfloors, to win in your sport.


  • EN 14904 class A4 – surfaces for sports areas multi-sport surfaces for interiors
  • EN 13501 classification reaction to fire
Playwood S.14 revere
Playwood S.14 beech
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