EN 13501-1:2002

Fiba associated Dalla Riva Sportfloors
Dalla Riva Sportfloors sports floors Italy


Dalla Riva Sportfloors sports floors Italy

EN 13501-1:2002

Fiba associated Dalla Riva Sportfloors


Dalla Riva Sportfloors sports floors Italy

EN 13501-1:2002

Fiba associated Dalla Riva Sportfloors


Portable Sports Floors

portable sports floors dalla riva nelson mandela forum florence

Nelson Mandela Forum Firenze Portable Sport Floor

Portable sports floors are suitable for large indoor gyms, sports halls, and sports arenas.

Being easily removable, they are ideal for use as sports floors in plazas during sports manifestations, concerts, fairs, or other temporary events that require sturdy wooden flooring.

The portable sports floor is the ideal solution for facilities where the practice of sports alternates frequently with non-sporting events.

portable sport floor parquet removable dalla riva

Removable Sports Floors Dalla Riva

The removable flooring for sports facilities is protected by an international patent on the tongue and groove joint method in aluminium sheet, which ensures repeated assembly without damage and a perfect joining of the modules.

The advantages of removable wooden sports floors are:

• Easy and fast installation without the use of tools or specialized personnel;

• The module is already integrated with its elastic layer and requires no further assembly;

• Simple manoeuvrability during installation thanks to the light weight of the module (only 28 kg);

• Box storage system for easy storage and transport.

The removable sports floors offered by Dalla Riva Sportfloors are innovative structures and easy to install, even for just two workers. They can be placed directly on a flat surface, completed with a ramp around the perimeter that is fastened to the floor, and be finished with aluminium profiles and interposed, elastic layers. They are high performance with guaranteed structural qualities: sports floors to assemble, disassemble and transport.

There are two types available with two different finishes:

Removable flooring in oak and beech

Removable sports flooring in birch

Pink parquet portable Dalla Riva Sportfloors Rimini 2016 Basketball Finals

“The future is pink”, it’s the slogan chosen by Dalla Riva Sportfloors to launch the new “mobile sports flooring system”

Portable sports floor Dalla Riva pink parquet basketball 2016

The new removable wooden sports floor presented and officially tested on the occasion of “RNB Basketball Festival 2016”

Portable sports flooring Rimini 2016

This sports floor model exasperates the concept of softness and elasticity thanks to a method of substructure never seen before

euroleague final four 2014 milano portable sport floor parquet dalla riva

Euroleague Final Four 2014 Milan Dalla Riva Portable Sport Floor

portable sports parquet dalla riva milano

Portable Sports Parquet Floors

portable sports parquet dalla riva sportfloors

Portable Sports Floors Dalla Riva

portable sports floors parquet dalla riva

Dalla Riva Sportfloors Italy Milan

dalla riva removable portable sports parquet

Removable Sports Parquet Floors

dalla riva sportfloors portable parquet floors italy

Portable Parquet Floors Dalla Riva

portable sport floor italy dalla riva

Portable Sports Floors Dalla Riva Italy