The flooring has the following certifications and reference standards:
1st level F.I.B.A.
EN 13501 reaction to fire test performed on floor and substructure (whole package)
EN 14904 sports areas surfaces test performed on the floor and substructure (whole package) with passing of ALL 7 tests: shock absorption, vertical deformation, vertical rebound of the ball, friction, wear resistance, specular brilliance, rolling load 1500N .
We mark the four cardinal points of the field.
It begins with the drafting of the elastic mattress supplied separately.
Continue with the assembly of the first complete row (all the panels are numbered) and move forward by approaching all the other rows with staggered panels, hooked together by means of the locking system so as to avoid detachment both on the side both in length.
For removal, proceed in the opposite direction starting disassembly from the last row assembled.
Panels must always be stored horizontally.

Sports flooring is made up of:
• 10 mm elastic mattress;
• 12mm phenolic plywood;
• Sports parquet in hevea rubber wood 22 mm;

Total thickness: 44 mm;

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