Skating Parquet

Parquet for skating and hockey

The parquet floors for roller hockey, roller-skating, ballroom dancing, and other disciplines including wheelchair basketball are wood products finished with special varnishes for a particularly “arduous” use of the floors.

For all of these, and their related, disciplines, one must calculate the right friction on the floor in order to avoid excessive adherence and at the same time allow for an ideal sliding motion.

These characteristics are guaranteed by sports parquets and by Dalla Riva’s experience, with the application of a floor varnish called “skating” that meets all of the technical guidelines.

Skating Parquet Flooring
Skating parquet wooden flooring Dalla Riva sportfloors

The skating treatment is suitable for sports such as roller hockey and skating. It gives the parquet superior protection and shine and can be used on every type of wood including oak, maple, beech and ash.

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