Sports floor accessories


The sports floor accessories for sports arenas and gyms are elements consisting of minute details. Every minimal part that contributes to the whole is a detail.

The details of Dalla Riva wooden sports floors are evident in the quality and functionality of its products.

From the choice of parquet to the finishing, we pay close attention to details.

Given their nature and performance, hardwood floors are ideal for sports facilities.

Built according to the technical standards governing the quality of the materials used, especially in the substructure (i.e. cushioning and plywood), the sports floors guarantee a consistent ball bounce anywhere on the floor, which is important in every sport.

We collaborate closely with our suppliers in order to create a product that meets all applicable regulations and ensures reliability even in the most important events.

The details that characterize our sports flooring are numerous and essential for equipping gyms and sports facilities.



The baseboard, 50X50 mm and triangular in section, serves to cover the expansion gap left between the floor and wall. It is installed with screws and dowels 60 cm apart.

It is possible to realize a slotted baseboard that allows for the ventilation and transpiration of the substructure; this solution is particularly suitable for floors with radiant heating.


Thresholds in metal

The thresholds in anodized aluminium serve to connect the sports floor with the floors of adjacent rooms.

They are 80 mm wide and are finished with a silver colour with an anodized coating of about 20 microns. This material has outstanding resistance to oxidation and mechanical stresses.

sport floor accessories dalla riva

Floor ferrules

To cover the nesting of single pole, competition volleyball equipment, a pair of ferrules must be installed in the floor, consisting of a base in iron and a cover of the same material, but finished on the surface with the same wood as the parquet.

The ferrules are installed flush with the pavement by milling, using a pantograph. The lid of the ring is extracted with a suction cup, provided with the system.

To cover the anchors used to attach some sports equipment (football goals, handball nets, climbing poles, etc.) rings with a diameter of 70 mm, consisting of a base and a threaded lid made entirely of brass, must be installed. These are screwed down with the special key provided with them.

sports floors accessories dalla riva

Ramps for joining parquet to other floors

The varnished plywood ramp serves to connect the sports parquet with the floors of adjoining rooms.

It may be treated with coloured or transparent varnish. The markings and colours that fill the playing areas are made with strongly coloured paint that contrasts with the wood, as dictated by the various C.O.N.I. federations.

Personalized texts may be provided on request.

Ramps for joining parquet-dalla-riva-parquet

Did you know that… in the numerous range of Dalla Riva Sportfloors products there are also:

VINYL floor coverings

The self-laying, vinyl floor coverings are used to completely or partially cover the floors of sports arenas in order to allow for every type of activity, from concerts to events of various kinds.


Roll-holders for floor coverings

This is a solution that satisfies safety requirement and, at the same time, guarantees an excellent aesthetic result.

roll trolleys -dalla-riva-parquet

CARPLY® floor covering for parquet

In the case of exceptional loads, plywood panels measuring 125×250 cm, or submultiples, equipped with L-shaped interlocking on four sides are available; when laid over the parquet, these provide a very high level of mechanical protection, with the possibility of supporting the passage of fork lift trucks in complete safety.

Dalla Riva Sportfloors supplies made-to-measure boxes for moving and storing these panels.

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