Creation and renewal of court markings

creation and renewal of court markings

Creation and renewal of court markings

Creation and renewal of court markings

Proper marking of playing areas (basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.) requires professionalism, proper equipment and paints suitable for long life, in addition to the precise measurement of the various lines, performed according to the regulations of the sports federations.

Dalla Riva Sportfloors, an industry leader, has been working for 30 years in the maintenance of sports floors and is available to restore flooring with new markings.

It also performs maintenance work relating to the updating of markings, using C.O.N.I. regulation tracings.

It happens periodically that substantial changes must be made to the markings of various playing areas or the area is used for sports not previously considered.

Dalla Riva operates in such circumstances updating the markings, following the dictates of the various sports federations, bringing the floor up to standard, and making it accessible to all athletes of various sports disciplines.

In addition, the latest provisions of the FIBA(International Basketball Federation) set new regulations for the realization of basketball court markings for the higher levels.

The new FIBA provisions entered into force in 2010/2011 and involve different line markings within the playing area. The changes are:

– The three-point line changes from 6.25m to 6.75m

– The free-throw area transforms from a trapezoidal to a rectangular configuration

In general, for multipurpose gyms only the lines (5 or 8 cm) delineating the playing area are drawn.

If, on the other hand, it is a sports arena where one type of sport is prevalently played, one can opt for the use of solid coloured areas.

For volleyball the 18 x 9 rectangle is marked with full lines:

For football the markings show the penalty areas;

For basketball courts, the three-second area, the centre circle, and the lateral bands are painted solidly with the team’s colours.

creation and renewal of court markings sports floors

Creation and renewal of court markings – Sports floors

creation and renewal of court markings sports floors italy dalla riva

Dalla Riva Sportfloors – Italy – Sports Parquet Court Markings


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