Sports parquet floors for gyms

The best sports floors for gyms are signed Dalla Riva Sportfloors

sports floors for gym

Sports Floors for Gyms

Not only sports flooring in wood for large sports facilities and sports arenas. Dalla Riva Sportfloors also spoke to install sports floors for gyms of medium size.

Just a few days to give your gym a prestigious and powerful sport parquet floor Dalla Riva and to put under your playing surface with the signs for basketball, volleyball, futsal and beyond.

The types of sports floors better suited for this kind of structures are the Playwood School 14, characterized by extreme durability, strength and ease of maintenance, Playwood 4 in bamboo for its extreme resistance and hardness, Playwood Rubber Wood, suitable for use sports frequent and extremely elastic and Compact 6 for gyms with underfloor heating.

sports floors for gyms dalla riva

Sports Floors for Gyms – Dalla Riva

A series of gymnasium parquet made by Dalla Riva Sportfloors:

gymnasium parquet floors italy

Gymnasium Parquet Floors – Sport Floor Italy

sports parquet for gym

Sports Parquet for Gym – Dalla Riva Sportfloors

portable sports parquet for gym dalla riva

Portable Sports Parquet for Gym – Italy

sports floors for gym italy dalla riva

Bamboo Sports Floors for Gym – Italy

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