The new sports hall opens in Orio al Serio

The Compact 45 model indicated for the underfloor heating system

Designed according to the most modern technologies and compliant with CONI standards, the new sports hall in the town just outside Bergamo fully reflects the criteria of environmental sustainability. In the new structure there is one of the most solid and resistant Dalla Riva sports parquet: the Compact 45 FIBA approved. Thanks to the 22 mm solid hevea rubber wood it is characterized by its durability over time, in fact it can be sanded up to 4 times since its installation for a total of 40 years of stability. The substructure is made up of multi-layer joists and an elastic mattress to cushion play bumps.

A multipurpose facility where basketball, volleyball and 5-a-side football will be played to meet the numerous requests of local sports clubs.

The inauguration, which took place on January 25th, found a significant participation with the presence of professional athletes as well.

As Dalla Riva Sportfloors we are proud to be protagonists in this new Oriens reality; the quality and reliability of our sports parquet are increasingly present in the Peninsula.

In addition to this flooring in the central area, a second underground gym was performed inside the building for heating, fitness, aerobics with the same floor heating system.


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