Volleyball Parquet

Professional volleyball parquet

Pure elasticity, absorption of “on the ground” impact and of the “jump system” after a smash or a “wall” are characteristics that make Dalla Riva Sportfloors parquet perfect for high-level volleyball.

Many structures used primarily by volleyball clubs have recently converted their flooring from synthetic to sports parquet and have also chosen to add a “substructure” between the rigid screed and the rubber to create elasticity and absorb the impact from the athlete’s contact and, thereby, reduce traumas and sprains.

Many facilities have also personalized their rectangles with the highly original “Made in Italy” flag, the famous volleyball parquet by Dalla Riva Sportfloors.


Parquet for Volleyball - Dalla Riva
professional volleyball parquet sport floor dalla riva

In addition, for a sport such as volleyball, where there is frequent contact with the floor, the use of parquet ensures greater hygiene, given the ease of cleaning.

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